I will use the opportunity to show my December 2020. During the virus, we all had to be indoors as much as we could. I was lucky to have help to shopping for groceries and buying online what I needed for my art.

December month was quite and “hyggelig” (cosy, comforting, caring, warm and nice = hyggelig is a Danish word that is hard to translate into English with only one word).

We enjoyed ourself very much with food, movies and creatively things. I’ll show you a little of all of it.

There were several calendars both from Denmark and England – And I really resisted to open all in once 😉 – We made Christmas decorations and have a parcel calendar as well where some days it was a Christmas decoration. Calendar lights in each room – and advent lights each Sunday.

The moon was near “full” and taking a photo of it was a great thing.

The teddybear in one of the pictures is not mine but our neighbour at 3rd. floor. The family started with a Christmas card – and I made very small envelopes with a card and an Angel in it. Hanging them on a string so people could take their card when they saw it.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take photos of the food and eatable gifts.

It has been a great month in spite of the worlds challenges

Thank you for your visit and have a great 2021

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By Mariane

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