Last Friday [2019.10.11] it was a rainy day,  I took a trip to Copenhagen to test the new Metro Line, to see what all the fuss was about.  It showed up to be a pleasant trip and in a few places, I was actually in awe of the architecture. It is worth to try again.

It was kind of a busy afternoon with many people around and most of them were not happy campers. Oh well! They might be on a mission they didn’t want to be on? 😉

Anyhow! I was glad I took the trip as I found out I need to know more about my City. There have been so many changes. It felt like coming to a new city I didn’t visit before.

I made a little gallery of the day. It ended in Bertel’s Salon, a cheesecake place, where you can eat all kinds of cheesecakes and it is really worth to visit.  I remember when I was in Chicago a few years ago I often visited the Cheesecake Factory for afternoon tea. Also, a great place to visit.

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