Yesterday, Saturday 06.10.2019,  I took a trip out in the blue with a friend. I didn’t know where we were to go. We talked about taking the train to the north and visit a town we talked about earlier this year. When we sat on the train we both found out that the train didn’t stop at that station, so we went all the way to Helsignør.  We took a walk at the harbour and decided we both want an ice-cream at Brostræde. Brostræde is almost 100 years old so it is worth to visit for sure.

Why we went on the trip was actually because a neighbour was going to have a party. The young man has been 30 years old and he was going to have 27 other young men to dinner and drinks and they might leave again around 22:00, but was not sure. Just after brunch they already started and were very noisy. So that’s why we both felt the urge to get out.

After the ice-cream, we decided to go to the Ferry and sail away to Sweden. (Helsingborg) It was kind of an adventurously trip. We shopped and went to an Indian restaurant. Lovely food and a great time and lots of nice people.

Here are a few images from the trip:

It was a great day.


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