21.09.2017 – April

How can I be that unlucky – well unlucky might not be the right word. Surely, I have to change all over again and again, and try to upload the post again, I have the images in order for each month, fortunately, so that is easy to restore. I am not sure I am able to restore the words or rest of the posts. I hope you will have patience and forgive all the back and forth. Well the word unlucky is what I have experienced some years by now with my blogs and computer. Maybe it is telling me something; Nah (hehe) I believe not in this case.

Enjoy your stay and tell me if you experience any trouble by being here.

Thank you ever so much.

The galleries is showing the results of those photos that M.R. ART has been used for a Monthly Challenge.

You might find the place in Facebook by using the link in the word if you like to participate

April 2017

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