Welcome 2019

A new year start and laying open to what I want to do. I have plans but I am not sure I would like to tell because otherwise it might not happen.

I show a few images to show by now. Later during the year 2019, I believe there will be more to see.

The candle lights are from New Year Eve, not much of a party was going on. I just felt cosy and watched the Television. The Tea box (an advent calendar)is from December and finally just the evening before my Birthday I got the puzzle done. The two gifts in the chair are from my best friend and the blue packet is a book from “We are the Project Wild”  and the green packet is 3 A5 folders I wished for a long time. The two other books are also kind of a Birthday gift from myself (I forgot I ordered them) The image where there are some birthday buns with the Danish flag. I got a book later called “Rådhuspladsen 1900” as a Birthday present as well as another book from the same place “Arbejdermuseet”. It is ALWAYS a great thing to get to know your past.

I feel under the weather at the moment because a few days ago I broke a tooth. Been to the Dentist last Friday and got it to pull out. That was harsh and not good to my body.


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